Mid-year Retreat – The Way of Self-Realization

The ‘Way of Self-Realization’ Day Retreat

Are you ready to dive deep within yourself for lasting change!

We invite you to our unique mid-year ‘The Way of Self-Realization’ Retreat on Sunday the 16th of June, at the Flying Horse Lawn, Sheffield ( see below for the full address).

Uniquely bringing together a mixture of Dru Yoga, Meditation, Mind Control techniques and Self-Discovery methods, this special synergistic day retreat is aimed at those who would like to bring about lasting peace of mind, mental-physical balance and an immediate experience of Self-Realization and Non-duality (the awakening of your True Core Nature).

We will begin the day working with the beautiful flowing practice of Dru Yoga, led by qualified Dru Yoga teacher Kelly Dadd.

This retreat is for those who:

  • Are interested in self discovery
  • Are seeking positive physical, psychological and spiritual change
  • Want to gain lasting peace of mind and happiness
  • Want complete mental and physical relaxation
  • Want to be free from ego and awaken to the True Self
  • Are seeking the next level of their spiritual progression
  • Want to pave the way towards reaching their full potential in life
  • Has had an awakening but feels they have fallen off the spiritual path or are struggling to progress
  • Is a spiritual enlightenment seeker who wants to complete the spiritual search towards liberation and get established in the truth of who they really are
  • Interested in Non-duality teachings
The transformative methods of Meditation & Self-Discovery with Self-Realization & Non-duality author & teacher Christopher J Smith.

If any of the above reasons are true for you, then this is the right retreat!

In a multifaceted approach, the tools of Dru Yoga, Meditation and Self-Discovery​ will be brought together to achieve lasting peace of mind, mental-physical balance, inner freedom and an awakening to the true self (known as Self-Realization).

Three phases of the day

Our day will progress in three phases with lunch breaks in between.

1# Preparing the body and mind

Session one will begin in the morning with balancing, opening, relaxing and energising the body and mind through the beautiful practice of Dru Yoga.

2# Developing focus & stillness of the mind

This will prepare us perfectly for phase two where we will be learning how to control, calm, quieten and focus the mind through meditation and breath control practices.

3# Deep Immediate Awakening

Then in phase three we will effortlessly relax into the powerful reflective method of ‘silent sitting’ (tuning into the inner stillness at the core of our beings), paving the way for a guided Self-Discovery discourse, overview, and direct pointing of our true natures in the present.

Then leading into a subtle transformative practice for the aim of removing any internal obstacles, and in order to directly experience deep Self-Realization and Non-duality in the present (The immediate discovery of our True Eternal Natures).

The opportunity to share

Everyone will then be given the opportunity, if they wish, to ask questions, share experiences, and get clarification on the practices and discoveries presented in the final phase.

Breaks will be provided in between each session, and lunch available. It is suggested to wear loose comfortable clothing, and bring a blanket with you. Bring a mat or cushion with you if you have one, otherwise one will be provided.

The beautiful flying horse lawn, Sheffield.

This retreat will be held at the beautiful Flying Horse Lawn, Blackbrook farm west, rivelin, Sheffield, S65SP. 

All of the necessary details will be provided to you on booking. Because places are limited, this is a pre-booking event (no payments will be accepted on the door). Tickets are £50. To secure your place now click the link below.

If you feel called to this amazingly​ rare inner exploration, then we truly look forward to meeting you!

All my love & respect. Christopher xxx

To secure your place on the retreat, click the link here – https://lifesynergyhealth.co.uk/?product=the-way-of-self-realization-day-retreat