Returning with very Positive News!

Some have asked ‘Where did I go?’

After a friend asked of my isolation, he jokingly said to me the other day ‘don’t go disappearing on me now will you?’, I gently raised an eyebrow, laughed and said ‘alittle too late brother’.

I am here but not here. Not here as before, but here as before before. Before all befores.

Is it possible to be gone more than the complete goneness of 11 years previous? Apparently so. Infinity has quite a depth to it. Well go figure. There is no limit to how far consciousness can travel in itself. Like a lead weight sinking into a bottomless ocean, it can go very far…And this whole incarnation has been a dissolution beyond all regular dissolutions.

Deep in Samadhi so many beautiful words come. So many that I have learnt to always have a pen and paper at the ready.

Beloved Eternal Consciousness, I am sat here cross legged on my meditation cushion on the bed of a bungalow in South Yorkshire, United Kindgom, immersed in you, whilst thinking of your multiple expressions. It is your Infinite Kingdom that dwells in all beings that I ponder.

As I look out of the window I see the season beginning to change from winter to spring. The month of fresh new beginnings. So then, it is no coincidence that I am feeling the energy of a more outward energetic movement once again. 6 months my lips have been sealed, destroying the last residues of the past in preparation for an upgrade of the new. All so I can best serve you Lord. You are in all things and no-things. You are reading these words right at this very moment…

As I sit writing, I look on at the changing of the seasons from winter to spring. The energy is shifting gears.

It has been just over 11 years since the rediscovery of Eternal Consciousness began with a tremendous bang! Chris vanished like a file that is deleted from a computer. This body is now the age they call 33. Yet despite the seeming passing of time, I feel younger than when it began. The body refreshed, loose and full of vigour. Has the body been in a kind of nonphysical cryogenic​ chamber i wonder? Where all of its processes slowed down to a halt and regenerated, i feel so.

I am here but not here. Not here as before, but here as before before. Before all befores”. – Christopher Jai Smith

And so naturally now, once again, my mind turns towards all the beings who are suffering, lost, or are struggling to reach the true fulfillment they seek. Like a lost child looking for their mum in a big city. Its the Eternals wish that they must be safely guided back home to what is rightfully theirs.

And what is rightfully theirs is exactly the positive message I have to deliver to you. It is to say that lasting peace, joy, freedom and Infinite Existence are possible for you and everyone in this incarnation! The Empire of Eternal Bliss which lies at your core is yours for the taking!

Just take up the necessary practices of a true Spiritual Life, and a wonderful existence awaits.

Take my hand and come with me, I will take you there. You are me and I are you. We must unite.

My precious friends, seekers of truth, i address you with the respect and honour you deserve as the ONE Eternal Consciousness that you truly are! Your true nature, immortal, indestructible and free!

With your willingness, and that of Eternal Consciousness, i will do all I can to see that you claim the inherited fortune that awaits.

All my love. We are one.
Christopher Jai

Announcement –

The iconic spiritual bookstore Watkins.

I will be in London at Watkins bookstore giving a talk and book signing on the 21st of March at 18:30pm to 19:30pm. If you can make it, and wish to connect with me, then I look forward to our meeting! x

Visit the link below for more details 🙂

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